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A exam that actions the level of the protein termed carcinoembryonic antigen while in the blood, that is generally elevated in conditions of most cancers.

A issue with the lungs characterised by a narrowing in the airways and too much mucus; may cause difficulty respiration, wheezing and coughing. asymptomatic

A collection of blood formed when small blood vessels are ruined, triggering bleeding in the tissues.

In brachytherapy cure of cancer, a means of offering a sealed radioactive material to the location of the tumor inside your body, for instance a catheter, tiny needle or applicator. densitometry

An extended, tightly coiled tube that lies behind Every single testicle. The epididymis collects the sperm made by the testicles.

An accumulation of Unwanted fat and other substances about the inner wall of the blood vessel that, eventually, may Develop up and limit or block blood flow in the vessel.

Strategies where miniature instruments or a catheter that contains medications are inserted into a blood vessel in the Mind to deal with vascular ailment or abnormalities.

A hole while in the walls of the organ or construction of the body that develops from the weak spot within the organ or from the deep penetrating wound a result of trauma.

A thin wire used to guide The position of the catheter throughout the human body through a minimally invasive technique.

CAD is Laptop application that's made use of to Click via this link spotlight suspicious characteristics on an image and produce them to the eye in the radiologist.

Little air sacs Positioned at the end of the respiratory tract inside the lungs that make it possible for inhaled oxygen to enter the bloodstream and carbon dioxide to leave the bloodstream with exhalation.

An important source of Electrical power for human operate. Over the digestive course of action, carbohydrates break down into this sugar. It is then carried from the bloodstream to the body’s cells wherever it's transformed to Power or saved.

Visual inspection from the inside in the trachea plus the bronchial passages in the lungs, employing a rigid or versatile tube or catheter termed a bronchoscope.

Human genes that belong to a class of genes known as tumor suppressors. A mutation of such genes has become linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

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